1. Go to Fiordland National Park

Fiordland National Park is the second largest national park in New Zealand. This national park has an area of ​​more than 1.2 million hectares and became one of the most popular things to do in New Zealand that never fails to attract the tourists. Fiordland has an area that offers the beauty of ancient rainforests, snow-capped mountain peaks, glittering lakes, and stunning waterfalls. This place is formed from glaciers that melt by sea water, so it has a unique shape resembling the U letter.

Although most of this area is very difficult to access, some places have been equipped with a path that allows you to explore the beautiful forest, coastal areas, and highlands. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Fiordland National Park through the Heaphy Track which takes 3 to 5 days to complete, depending on the route and selected entrance. Some other things to do in New Zealand especially in Fiordland National Park is water activities such as rafting tour and fishing trout in Karamea river.

2. Observe Aurora in Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo becomes the most popular tourist attractions in New Zealand by photographers. This place will be fascinating things to do in New Zealand. The beauty of the lake that has a beautiful blue color and snowy mountain peak will look perfect to be enjoyed by our naked eye or immortalized through the camera lens. On the shore of this lake, there is a small church called Church of the Good Shepherd, which has a window that displays the beautiful view of Mount Cook.

The lake is also known for having a beautiful night with colorful Aurora light in the sky. You can climb to an observation site called Mount John Observatory which is located above the mountains, to directly watch this spectacular Aurora and let it become the coolest things to do in New Zealand.

3.  See Uniqueness of Rotorua


Best things to do in New Zealand which will make us wonder the power of the earth is Rotorua. Rotorua is famous for its tourist destinations which have the beautiful volcanic phenomenon. The steamy sounds and the smell of sulfur are the main features of this place. Rotorua has several unique spots, one of them is Pohutu Geyser. Pohutu Geyser’s uniqueness comes from the hot springs that are spurt within the earth almost 20 times a day, and its high reach 30 meters. However, the thing that makes Pohutu Geyser look more fascinating is the flow of the river under the geyser is very cold like ice water.

In addition, things to do in New Zealand Auckland is visiting Hell’s Gate, the most active geothermal conservation in New Zealand. Hell’s Gate has a unique hot waterfall and is the only mud bath sites in New Zealand. Near this area, you can also visit the village of Whakarewarewa and see the miracle of natural geothermal used for daily lives such as bathing, and even cook. Such unusual things to do in New Zealand, right?

4. Water Activity in Bay of Island

 One more tourist spot in New Zealand not to be missed, Bay of Island! The Bay of Island is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand, bringing thousands of visitors to the region each year. The most popular things to do in New Zealand, more precisely in Bay of Island are its variety of water activities. You can choose to swim with dolphins, see orca whales, fishing, boarding a cruise around the island, surfing, or take a scuba diving tour on some of the outer islands.  Such perfect things not to miss in New Zealand, indeed.

Besides the beauty of the seashore and the ocean, Bay of Island also has a historical town located across the bay. You can explore the town and enjoy the beautiful European style buildings and its antique architecture.

–It was some of the most best things to do in New Zealand. Fascinating and interesting, isn’t it? So, what do you waiting for?  Let’s prepare our a vacation to New Zealand and enjoy the natural beauty of this country.

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